Retail Packaging is Ready

April 19, 2016 Wynnstay Designs

After 2 years steady but trickling online sales, Wynnstay Designs is now ready to raise it's profile and take on a whole new market - retailers! 

Over the past few months we have obtained UPC codes, designed retail shelf friendly packaging, and sourced packaging producers.  The packaging is bilingual (English/French) and available with either English or French as the lead language.  We're working on English/Spanish packaging for the U.S. market next.

All we need to do now is pitch pitch pitch...we're confident we have a great product and that our consignment program should be hard to resist; with these facts as our tailwinds we're hopeful for a quick route to polygamous retail partnerships.

Any referrals to your favourite owner operated novelty shop very appreciated, we're at