Fire Cuffs - Lighter Cufflinks

Lighter Cufflinks
These flame producing lighter cufflinks make the perfect gift for the cigar lounger, roisterer, or social smoker.  Designed with novelty in mind, the lighter cufflinks are sure to add some zest in nearly any situation. Our lighters have been purchased as stocking stuffers, groomsmen gifts, Valentine’s Day surprises, and even tested for use in a wilderness survival television program; all with extremely positive feedback.
Sized to optimize their functionality and safety, the one inch by one inch lighters hug shirtsleeves at only ¼ inch in thickness.  The cufflinks use a traditional bullet backed design and come in either stainless steel or gold plating.   The lighter uses a flint igniter and is spring loaded to extinguish flames upon release, mitigating potential party fouls. The lighters are refillable, and testing shows that each fill provides approximately 50 lights (or 5 minutes of flame).  The lighters have been third party tested and meet Health Canada's lighter safety regulations. 
The lighter is packaged in a decorative box, and includes filling instructions and a cautionary disclaimer. To comply with postage regulations, lighter fluid must be purchased separately.  The lighter uses everyday lighter fluid found in hardware stores, outdoors stores, and cigar shops.
Fire can always be dangerous.  Lighters produce flames.  Wynnstay Designs and its resellers accept no responsibility for accidents that could occur when users are wearing or using our products.